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Well, Ill explain quickly what this is all about. I like beer. You will say Great, me too, but whats all that? Well, as you probably have noticed there are innumerable beerbrands. Known ones, less known ones and even unknown ones. Anyway Im trying to let the last group dissapear. With the help of the little beer-counter you can keep track of my progress. The number tells you how many beerbottles with differnet labels I tasted untill the given date. If you are now interested to know which beers we are talking about just follow the link The Beers. There are all specimen sorted by countries and the day might come that all labels have been scanned. Therefore that part isnt completed yet. A nice example how it is supposed to be is Cuba. Another interesting thing is that I plan to link the labels to the representing breweries, but so far it only works for the english and polish beers more or less. The others will follow when I have solved a little problem with Access. If anybody knows how it is possible to assign the labels, that is the pictures to the corresponding beers in a form, Id be very happy if you could drop me a line. But Id be happy over any commentary, questions and things like that as well. Furthermore more things will be added, like pictures from the 1000th-beer-party maybe. But that will take another few days. Well, I hope you enjoy the site. Happy surfing and Prost!